Which Club For An Entire Round?

Which Club For An Entire Round?

Last week, I wrote about what I thought the most important club in golf is, today I want to take it a step further.

If you could only pick one club to use for an entire round, what would it be?

Don’t be the person who says putter, I can tell you right now that will last one hole before you realize you chose wrong.

Be honest, what would you choose? Which club will be useful for every shot for an entire round?

For me, I would go with a 5 iron as this will allow me to still have length off the tee while still being useful for my approach shots. I can still use it as a wedge from a shorter distance but I would need to grip down on the club and would not fully swing, but it is possible. Of course, putting would be difficult so I would need to close the face on it…I would probably just expect two putts on each green in this scenario…maybe more.

My real concern in a round like this would be getting to the green, and with a 5 iron that gives me the best chance to. With any club besides a putter, putting will be difficult but I would rather know that I can get to the green in the least amount of shots as possible.

Its weird, I said that to me the driver was the most important club in one of my recent posts, and I am not picking it in this scenario. For the people who said putter was the most important club, I doubt you would say putter in this scenario as well.

I know there is a difference between the most important and choosing one club only, but I found this interesting.

It’s no surprise to anyone that using one and ONLY one club for an entire round would be difficult, I would forget about trying to shoot even par. However, finding a club that can at least help you finish the round is possible, and for me that’s a 5 iron.


So now let me ask you, you can pick one club to use for the entire round….what is it? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

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    1. 7 iron would be another good choice. Like you, I also like to use it around the greens so it’s definitely possible to use for an entire round.


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