What Starting A Golf Blog Has Taught Me

What Starting A Golf Blog Has Taught Me

A couple week ago, I had written about how starting this golf blog has really tested my patience.

This blog is now two months old and I have really enjoyed this journey, from writing about lessons from the links, course reviews, and even saving tips, I must say this has been fun.

But like when starting anything new, you are always hesitant at first, you may begin to compare yourself (or in my case my blog) to others, or might begin to wonder if you can really do this, and its very common to have these thoughts.

For me, I have told myself these past few months to just push through, no matter how many visitors I am getting, no matter what page I show up on google searches, I just tell myself to write because that’s what I enjoy…and being able to write about golf makes it much more enjoyable.

I thought it would be good for me to share some of the things I have learned from these past few months in hopes it helps others out there who are beginning their own sort of journey.

I am by no means an expert when it comes to writing, or starting a blog, and two months is nothing when you think about it. With that being said, I thought it would be a good idea to share my experiences in hopes it will benefit people who are considering starting something new or thinking about it.

Think long term instead of short term
Funny enough, a few weeks ago, I was offered to join a group of golf bloggers on an existing website where I would provide them with content relating to…golf. Although the opportunity was enticing, I chose not to pursue it as I wanted to put all of my effort into this blog. I will actually write about what had happened in depth in a later post. I guess this is an example of how I have begun to think long term instead of short term.

I could have joined this website which would have given me some exposure, but I’m only two months in, and have yet to establish myself on my own which was always my main priority.

In this case, its all about your mindset, sure it would be nice for everyone starting a blog to think they can make money within the first week, but in reality, that’s just not possible….and for someone new definitely not sustainable. Instead, think long term and continue to find ways to improve.

Don’t compare yourself to others
I get it, when you are starting something new you want to know how good you are, its human. Maybe your learning to golf and you are on the range, of course you will look to your left and right to see how good the other people are that are beside you….but this wont help you, and instead will hurt and discourage you.

In order to prevent that, simply don’t worry about what others are doing, and I know its easier said than done but it can be done. For me, I realized that constantly looking at my daily site stats wouldn’t help me and to be honest it can be misleading, my focus should be on improving my content and becoming a better writer in general.

Block out everything else, and focus on your own journey.

The more time you focus on others means less time you could be focusing on yourself.

Be consistent
This one is pretty straight forward yet so important. For me, I have found that having a schedule of when I write and when I post content is really helpful. Staying on schedule and finding the time to write keeps me on track, and that is really helpful especially in the beginning.

Being consistent at anything is important. If you are trying to improve your short game let’s say, set aside some time before or after your round and just focus on that, the consistent part is doing that frequently until it becomes a regular habit.

This was one of the fears I had when starting this blog, and that I would be one week in and quit as I was afraid I would become too inconsistent. I find that having a set schedule really helps and in a way programs your mind to take the time and just focus on a specific task.

Don’t give up
I know I know, you hear this all the time, but this summarizes everything up.

You may question yourself, doubt yourself, contemplate quitting….DON’T!

Ask yourself, what if Tiger Woods had quit golf at a young age?

When I started this site, I told myself no matter how bad I think I am, try it out and see it through. If it works out great, but I tell myself to never quit. I would hate to look back one day and regret quitting.

Especially for anyone starting out something new, just try it, see if you like it, and if you do stay with it. However, if your reason for quitting is because you don’t think you are good, well that’s because you are just learning and still new. Things take time, which is why patience is so important.


Like I said earlier, I am no life coach, blogging expert, famous writer, I am just sharing my experiences about starting a golf blog. This is geared towards anyone who is considering of trying something new, or is currently in the early stages of something new. I just hope someone who is thinking of quitting to read this and hopefully change their mind.

This journey is only two months old and I have a long way to go, starting something is difficult, staying with it can be just as difficult.

I encourage you to stay with it and see it through.


Hope you all enjoyed! I will likely add onto this list as the days, months, years go on but I am looking forward to this journey. Are you thinking about or just starting something new? I invite you to share in the comment section below!


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