Want To Test Your Patience? Start A Blog

Want To Test Your Patience? Start A Blog

Let me tell you, starting a golf blog will test your patience, then again starting anything will.

It’s been almost two months since I started liveandbreathegolf.com and just like anything else, getting started was the hardest part. I had spent almost two months prior contemplating whether to even sign up with a hosting site. But I finally convinced myself, no matter how bad I thought I was at writing.

When comparing my site to other major golf blogs, traffic wise you can’t even compare, and of course that can be discouraging at times.

These past two months have taught me that patience is key to this journey, and life in general.

And for me I had to realize that. I had to realize that I couldn’t just wake up the second week and see my site on the first page of google searches, or to find out that companies would be lined up and begging me to review their golf products. Those things will take time.

I can’t be worrying about how many visitors I get, if my daily page views are going up or down, how many likes I get on my Instagram pictures, none of that really matters right now.

What matters to me was getting my first comment on one of my posts, interacting with others on social media and building relationships with people who share the same passion for golf. Another thing that matters to me is keeping up with my posting schedule and committing to it, and when your writing about something you enjoy it becomes natural over time.

Just like when I first started golfing, I wasn’t good right away, but over time I got better with practice, playing more, and learning along the way….but I had to be patient.

The same can be said for this blog, and that I am just trying to get better by writing more, and learning the ins and outs of using WordPress….which I find is a valuable skill by the way.

I don’t expect to have the best golf blog right out of the gate, things take time. All I can do is commit to the journey and get better along the way. If I get better, the results will come and will take care of itself. The more time I spend thinking about stats, likes, views means less time I spend on writing and finding ways to improve my site.

For me it’s about improving, and to do that I need to have the patience.


Thanks for reading! Next week I will be writing about how these past few months have been going regarding this site and also talking about some of the early stage struggles.


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