Want To Sell Your Clubs? Do So Now

Want To Sell Your Clubs? Do So Now

For the purpose of this post, I will focus on Canada as well as other places where they are unable to golf all year round.

Almost two months ago, I wrote about simple ways to save for a golf trip or any trip in that matter, and how there are so many ways to save/make extra money while at the same time not drastically changing your daily life.

Today I would like to share another way of making some extra money that’s specifically related to golf and this is a good time to do so. I say this is a good time to share these as it’s August now and here in Canada there is maybe 2-3 months left of golfing weather, in other words I am saying to sell your clubs NOW.

If you are considering changing clubs for next year, then I encourage to sell your current ones now as the value will only drop in the winter when no one is golfing and new equipment arrives. I also encourage you to sell any old clubs you have laying around now, not because the value will drastically drop but because more people will be interested in them now than in the winter. Getting anything for old/unused clubs now will help you make a few extra bucks….and clear some space in the garage.

Of course, clubs with brands such as Titleist and Taylormade will hold their value well, but at the same time there are always new models coming out and getting something for them now is great if you are the type of person who likes to switch clubs around.

This is all easy for me to say as I haven’t made any new additions to the golf bag in almost four years, I like my clubs and I know how to use them. I never really saw the point in buying new clubs every year, unless you are on tour and are looking for any sort of advantage, then I would understand. Besides that, to me it’s all a marketing scheme and I would rather know how to use any club than rely on one specific model.

The people who really score here are the ones who bought brand new clubs and have decided to go back to their older ones because they like them better.

By no means am I saying to quit golf for the rest of the year, but possibly try and attempt to sell clubs one at a time, maybe this week you sell your Taylormade M3 driver and go back to your older one, then in a few weeks you sell your Scotty Cameron putter…something like that.

This only applies to the people who are considering selling their clubs, if you are happy with the ones you have then I can understand not selling them.

For the people who are itching to get ride of some, get money for them while you can, it’s not like they are of any value to you sitting in your garage from November until March.


What are your thoughts on selling clubs? Are you the type to sell them now and get something for them while you can? Or do you wait until the new year? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

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