To Spend Money on New Clubs or Lessons?

To Spend Money on New Clubs or Lessons?

Last weekend was hot, way too hot. I wrote about it in my last post here.

I was at the course for probably half an hour before I decided to spend the rest of the day near the AC, but before I left, I saw someone who was taking lessons on the putting green.

I could hear their conversation and the student had mentioned that this was his second lesson as he was new to golf and had yet to even play a round, not to be nosy or anything but I had to look in his golf bag. Sure enough, he had some expensive clubs.

He was using the Titleist 718 AP3 irons along with a Taylormade M4 driver, not the cheapest clubs on the market let me tell you.

And these are the clubs of someone who is just in their second lesson, according to the student himself.

Look, I don’t know what his or his family’s financial situation is but why on Earth would you invest that much into clubs when you don’t even know if you like the sport yet?

I see this all the time around the course, people having expensive clubs in their bag but when they get to the first tee it looks as though they have never held a club in their life.

This guy who was taking lessons doesn’t even know how to properly hold a club, so why is he buying the most expensive ones?

Do the quality of the club’s matter? Yes to a certain degree, I don’t expect someone using kids sized clubs their whole life to keep up with someone who uses the newest top of the line clubs. However, people who tend to buy the newest and top of the line clubs are the ones who actually know how to play, they are good, and they play quite frequently…..meaning they are getting their moneys worth.

Someone who has spent about $2000 worth of clubs in their bag but is only on their SECOND LESSON is currently not getting their moneys worth considering he is still learning how to use them.

In no way am I encouraging you to go shop around on a Saturday morning and buy old clubs at a yard sale to use, what I am saying is to think it through, do you really need the newest clubs?

Did this guy really need the newest clubs? Or could he have instead used that money and put it towards more lessons from a teaching professional?

The thing about buying new clubs right away is that it will not fix everything. Sure, it might shave a few strokes off your score, but if your someone still new to the game you still have work to do when it comes to the fundamentals. Not only that, the clubs you buy will have no impact on learning/improving the mental side of the game, whereas the proper training will help you in that area over time.

If anything, thinking you will be a better golfer right away because you decided to buy new clubs will only hurt you mentally, because when you find out that you aren’t better it could possibly bring you down, maybe even make you throw away the clubs that you had spent your life savings on.

Just ask yourself, would buying new clubs drastically reduce my scoring? Or, would taking the same amount of money and putting it towards lesson reduce my scoring even more?

Honestly, do you really think buying the newest Scotty Cameron putter is going to make you a better putter when you have yet to learn how to properly align yourself up for a putt? Instead, take that money and use it towards a teaching professional so you can learn how to align yourself, which will then allow you to excel with any putter on the green.

Besides, waiting another year to buy new clubs doesn’t sound so bad when each year the clubs improve because of all the technology backing it up, or so they say…

When I think about it now, I don’t even think I have spent $2000 on clubs, and I have been golfing for 10 years now.

Thanks for reading! I would like to know, are you the type of golfer who buys the newest clubs? If so, are you getting your moneys worth? Do you find there is a drastic improvement to your game? Let’s discuss below in the comments!


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