The Sport That Set A Man Free

The Sport That Set A Man Free

Golf has a way of bringing total strangers together, yesterday I was able to find an example of this online.

I read an article on GolfDigest where they featured a man named Valentino Dixon who was wrongfully committed of murder, to summarize it as best as I can, while in prison he decided to draw pictures of golf courses. This got the attention of Max Adler from GolfDigest, and from there they were able to look into the case and get this man the freedom he finally deserved.

The best thing in this whole situation…Valentino has never golfed in his life, but he was fascinated by the famous 12th hole at Augusta which started it all. Valentino mentions how drawing pictures of golf courses gave him hope and the sense of freedom, which now he has.

This is one of the best things that I have read in a while, and it just goes to show that golf has a way of bringing total strangers together.

Although this man has never golfed in his life, I hope he is able to take it up now that he is free.

If you have time, I encourage you to read this article, it’s truly amazing how Valentino was able to stay positive through these years even though he was wrongfully committed. That is the lesson that can be taken away from this article, and that no matter the situation there is always a positive, just know not to give up.

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