The Decision That Cost Jon Rahm The Players Championship

The Decision That Cost Jon Rahm The Players Championship

Wow, what a final round at this years Players Championship! Congratulations to Rory on grinding out a victory after an up and down front nine. Also, congrats to Jim Furyk for keeping up with the European Ryder Cup team, they were all over the first page of the leaderboard , and Furyk was able to finish 2nd at the age of 48.

I will share my thoughts of the final round tomorrow, but I wanted to focus on Jon Rahm in this post. He entered the final round as the leader and was still tied for the lead….until the 11th hole.

To summarize what happened, Rahm found himself in a fairway bunker on the par 5 11th. Contemplating whether to go for it or not, Adam Hayes his caddy stepped in and advised him to layup which would set himself up for a third shot from 100 yards out.

Rahm decided to go against Adam’s advice and went for the green. We know what happened next.

Look, I get Rahm felt that he could have made the shot, it just seemed there may have been some doubt when he was over his ball. Not only that, the shot selection looked like a disaster waiting to happen. In order to execute the shot, he would have had to hook the ball around the trees which meant aiming for the water in hopes of shaping it back towards the green. Maybe he was caught in the moment, it is the Players Championship of course, but in this situation Adam Hayes gave him the best suggestion only for Rahm to go against it.

This is definitely something Rahm can learn from, maybe next time he is in that situation he just steps back and consults with his caddy one more time. In the end, it was just a poor decision. Tied for the lead on a par 5, if he lays up he still has a chance for birdie. Not to mention that there was the par 5 15th still to be played.

This cost Rahm, period. I enjoy watching him play, and I still believe that he is one of the best players on tour. I’m curious to see how he responds to this in the coming weeks.


What did you think of Jon Rahm’s decision on the 11th hole? Let’s discuss in the comments section below!

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