The Benefits of Twilight Golf

The Benefits of Twilight Golf

Have you ever had to tee off when the course is absolutely packed? It sucks, and it even gets worse once you start playing and the groups ahead of you are so slow that it backs everyone else up. The idea of paying money for a round of golf where half of the time you are just waiting for the group ahead of you to move is ridiculous, which is why I have found that golfing later in the afternoon also known as “twilight golf” is the best time to golf and here’s why:

Better pace of play
During twilight hours there are less golfers on the course, which allows you to play at your own pace and enjoy your round. The one thing I hate about rush hour golf is the amount of time you wait around in between shots if you are unfortunately stuck behind a slow pairing. When you are out of rhythm it can affect your play, and nothing is worse than playing a bad round due to slow play.

A driving range on each hole
One of the biggest reasons why I love twilight golf is because it gives me the ability to play multiple balls on each hole. Now, of course I only recommend doing this if there are no groups waiting behind you, but if you keep your pace I think it is a great way to get some extra practice in. For me, I have never been a fan of the driving range, if I can go out onto the course and practice I prefer that as I can visualize the shot and see where it ends up.

Avoid course maintenance
I just like to avoid all maintenance delays during my round. Typical maintenance routines of the course include mowing of the fairways and greens, and that is usually done in the morning. Obviously, these things must be done to keep the course up to par (get it?), but I would also hate as if I were waiting and rushing crew members waiting for them to move onto the next hole. Come twilight hours there is little to no maintenance happening and I can go on with my round without having to worry about any maintenance delays.

Let’s be honest, golf is expensive and paying for high priced green fees can add up, by playing twilight golf you will end up saving a lot of money. We are all in different situations, but saving on green fees will go a long way, and this could allow you to play more rounds of golf with all the money you save! Myself being a student, I know that paying 20 bucks max for a round of twilight golf is a steal, and it allows me to play regularly at that rate which then allows me to get better as I am playing more often.

More relaxing
Whether you just got out of class, work, or have had a long day in general, a round of golf while the sun goes down is a nice feeling. You can focus on golf better and enjoy your time out there without having to worry about anything else. I know for myself that if I am having a long day I always have a round of golf to look forward to which helps me get through it. I would also encourage you to walk the course, if you are a busy person and struggle to make time for exercise then this is a great way to get a round of golf in while getting in some exercise!

Play as many holes as you want/can
Every golf course I have ever been to allows you to skip holes during twilight hours, you can go from hole 1 to 6 to 12 and no one would care. Maybe you would like to replay a hole, or play multiple balls like I mentioned above, courses don’t mind at all. I also say that twilight golf allows you to play as much as you want, and if for some reason, you need to leave early then you will not feel as though you wasted all that money.

I understand some people are just unable to golf later in the day, maybe its family, work, school, and that’s fine. I say that you should golf whenever you have the time to. However, if your daily schedule allows you to play during twilight hours, I would recommend doing so for the reasons above.

What do you think? How have your experiences been while playing golf during twilight hours?

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