The Beginning of A New Season

The Beginning of A New Season

We have finally made it to golfing season!!! Well….not quite, but the first sign of the new season has arrived. This week, the Farmers Insurance Open kicked things off and this is the first tournament on the PGA Tour where the “notable” players are in the field. The likes of Tiger, Rory, Rahm, Spieth, Rose, and many more are at Torrey Pines this week.

As someone who enjoys watching golf this is great to see, sure the fall tournaments are technically PGA Tour events, but they just don’t feel the same when the big names are not present. One guy I’m looking forward to watching this year is Spieth, he didn’t have a win last year and was just not the same guy from the past few years. I enjoy watching him play and hope he is able to get back to his old self.

Speaking of Spieth, as I write this he is currently in 5th place and three shots behind Rahm.

As for actual golfing, winter is still present and I won’t be able to play for a few more months, unless I decide to make the trip down south before then. However, with school I just don’t see that happening unfortunately.

Just thought I would check in with everyone, looking forward to this weeks event, as each day passes we get closer and closer to being able to golf ourselves!


Will you be watching the Farmers Insurance Open this week? Who is one golfer you look forward to watching this year? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

2 thoughts on “The Beginning of A New Season

  1. Hey Sebastien, I will be watching and that’s about the only thing. Currently am rehabbing tendonitis in my left elbow and hope to be ready by March 1 for some practice and play. As it is now, I tried to hit some balls in early January and was in significant discomfort so I’m officially on the DL.

    As for Farmers, will be watching the resurgence of Adam Scott. What a technically beautiful golf swing.



    1. Brian,

      I’m sorry to hear that, wishing you a fast recovery and hopefully your ready to go come March 1st.

      I’m with you on Adam Scott, would love to see him win today.


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