Simple Ways To Save For A Golf Trip

Simple Ways To Save For A Golf Trip

First off let me say congrats to Brooks Koepka for winning back to back US Open championships, the guy is no joke.

After watching the US Open this week, I began to wonder about all the golf courses I would like to play within the next year. There are lot that come to mind but my plan is to go to Myrtle Beach and play various courses.

Then I began thinking, there are so many people who would like to go on a golf trip but just “can’t” because they are unable to afford it, so instead of treating themselves to a golfing experience they decide to wait until the next year.

This applies to all vacations and not just golf if your wondering, so many people just can’t seem to afford a vacation.

If you are one of these people, I wont say that’s an excuse but your looking at it the wrong way, you can’t afford the trip because it’s your current daily spending habits that are getting in the way. So, I am here to help you finally go on that golfing trip you always wanted.

For the sake of arguing, let’s say roundtrip airfare from Toronto (where I live) to myrtle beach is $400, and the golf package itself is another $600 for 3 nights and 4 rounds of golf, making the total trip an even $1000. Let’s say you decide to go in the middle of October, which means you have 4 months to save up, more than enough time!

So….lets get into it, here are just a few of many tips on how you can save enough money in order to finally go on that golfing trip, without changing your lifestyle:

1. Stop buying coffee….seriously
The reason why some people are unable to save up for a trip is because they often buy too much stuff they don’t need, a $2 coffee everyday can really add up. Ask yourself, do you really need to buy a coffee everyday? That adds up to about $14 a week, almost $60 a month on coffee…..COFFEE. Go to the grocery store and buy some for $10 and it will last you a while. So, after four months of not buying coffee that would be about $240 in savings, let’s say $200 after you buy your own from the store. Already half the airfare paid off.

2. Get rid of stuff
Those old clubs in your garage, that spare TV no one uses are just some examples of junk you don’t need and is about time for you to get rid of it. Honestly, you should have no problem selling $200 worth of junk within four months, and that’s just on the low side.

3. Make your food instead of buying
If you spend $10 a day on snacks and lunch while at work that needs to stop immediately, there is no need to buy a lunch everyday. Instead, make food at home and if you already do great, keep at it. Saving $50 a week for four months will add up to $800 in savings by the time you leave for your trip. I understand you might be “busy” and not have time to make a lunch, but if you have time to be on Netflix a couple hours each night I’m sure you can find the time to prepare a lunch. For the love of god, you can even cook while watching Netflix!

Before you go out on your own and try these out, remember that this will only work if you use all three of these suggestions. If you stop buying coffee and instead spend more on lunches, there is no point of trying this.

Essentially what I am saying is you either use all three together or none at all.

In these three tips alone, which by the way does not affect your lifestyle in any way except for reducing the number of movies you watch, are easy ways to save for any sort of golfing trip or vacation in general.

In total, you would save about $1200 after four months, which is more than needed to pay off this trip, so go ahead and treat yourself to lots of beverages after your successful round or maybe play an extra one!

The other good thing about these three tips is that anyone can use them no matter the situation you are in. Doesn’t matter if you work full time or are a student, this does not affect your other expenses in any way which is the beauty of it.

I get that some people might be on a tighter budget than others, but the concept remains the same.

That being said, its up to you to do this and to make these changes, I can write more blog posts on how to save money towards golfing (which I might do in the future), however if your struggling to save for a trip and decide not to do anything you will be missing out on a trip this year and putting it off until the next year, when that is no guarantee either.

Like anything else, the first step is always the hardest, so in this case going to the store to buy instant coffee, putting an add up for a TV that’s for sale, and cooking will be the first step. You just have to ask yourself, how bad do you want to go on this golfing trip?

Hope you found these three tips helpful, I would like to write more about saving money in the future while relating it to golf. How do you save for a trip? Please share below any savings tips you recommend to others!

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