Should The PGA Tour Have An Injury Report?

Should The PGA Tour Have An Injury Report?

According to the gambling and fantasy sports world, Jason Day is public enemy #1.

Just six holes into his first round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational, Day decided to withdraw from the tournament due to a lower back injury that he had been dealing with throughout the week. After his round, he explained that last Sunday he “couldn’t really walk” once he woke up in the morning, and for some reason none of this was reported.

Which brings me to the question, should the PGA Tour have injury report in place? The “big 4” leagues in sports have one in place, but if you look at an individual sport like MMA, they do not. Not that I’m trying to compare golf to mixed martial arts, but it seems that the majority of individual sports do not provide one to the public.

The fantasy and gambling world were furious once Day pulled out mid-round, and I totally understand. However, if Day would have won this week and later revealed the injury afterwards, no one would complain. For the players, it’s also a privacy thing and I get that.

Personally, I don’t think that it would be the end of the world if the PGA Tour decided to have some sort of injury report, and if the golfer decides to tough it out and try to give it a go, then at least its out in the open that they are dealing with something. Whether it’s a weekly physical or assessment, the idea of providing the public with some sort of report would not be a bad decision at all.

Keep in mind, you only get paid in golf if you play, and to be more specific make the cut. For this reason, I can understand why golfers may choose to tough it out and at least give it a shot. This is not like the NBA where you can sit out a game here and there and still get paid.

This is definitely something I will be thinking about throughout the year, I hope the PGA Tour does as well.


What are your thoughts on the tour having an injury report? Let’s discuss in the comments section below!

2 thoughts on “Should The PGA Tour Have An Injury Report?

  1. Sebastien, the NFL has much deeper ties to gambling than the PGA Tour. If they stopped publishing injury reports, interest (gambling) and viewership would go down. This is not the case with golf. Individual players, even the best in the world, are all long shots to win any individual event, and the odds reflect that. Sure people place wagers but it’s not a zero sum game like the NFL. You may bet on Jason Day at 15:1 but you don’t expect him to win with those odds. I’d hesitate to publish an injury report for the benefit of gambling or fantasy. You don’t want to get too far into bed with that crowd.



    1. Brian, that’s also a valid point. I just wonder if the tour will face some sort of pressure from the public, as I doubt this will be the last time this happens.

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