Selling My Old Golf Clubs (UPDATE)

Selling My Old Golf Clubs (UPDATE)

As you can probably tell, I haven’t posted anything in a week besides my picks for The Northern Trust Open. I have been playing golf…a lot of it and trying to catch up on the past three months without playing much. As someone who loves the sport, going A Summer Without Golf has been difficult, not because of the weather but because I have been so busy with work. I have mentioned this in the past but because of how busy I have been this summer it motivated me to start this blog, so in a way things worked out!

Today, I am here to share about my past week, not about how I played but more so what I did with the extra time I had. I recently wrote about how you should be Selling Your Clubs Now and so this past week I decided to double down on what I said and sold a lot of my older clubs.

Let’s break it down:

So, these old clubs I had laying around collecting dust…I managed to get $30 for them, the listing itself was up for only an hour before an old gentlemen had bought them.

I decided to keep the price the same and sell a second set for $30, getting anything for older clubs is a bonus. Didn’t want to get greedy and sell these for a high amount as I don’t want to be stuck with them for the winter. This one sold after two hours of being listed.

This was actually my older set, and I decided to get rid of any extra clubs. I priced this one at $50 just because they were only about five years old, but like I said I don’t want to get greedy and that getting anything for these clubs is a bonus. This one sold the same day it was listed.

I had some other individual clubs laying around so I put them up for sale as well. These clubs were about five years old and I had used these prior to my current set that I use now. Decided to list it at $50 because they are not ancient and are still in good condition, I was thankful enough that someone bought these after two days of being listed.

There is a story behind this one, a friend of mine I was with actually bought this off of someone for $120 in order to try and flip them. The next day he had sold them to a lady he knew for $250. Now, although this wasn’t my sale I thought I would share with you how selling golf clubs can be a good way to make some extra money.

So, in the end I was able to make $160 this past week selling old clubs that no longer had a purpose in my golf game. My friend made $130 taking the buying something and flipping it route, both are effective ways of making some extra cash. I wanted to share this with you guys to show how simple it is. It took me maybe a total of 2 hours digging out the clubs, taking pictures, listing, and meeting buyers so really it doesn’t take that long at all. Like anything, the first step is always the hardest, and in this case going into the basement and digging out these clubs was the hardest.

As for what’s next, well I only have so many clubs left but that doesn’t mean I can’t go and buy more. My plan is to go to some second-hand stores and find a golf set (bag included) worth $5-10 and flip it. I know I can get $30 for a golf set that is twice my age, so I am not too worried about being stuck with an old set if I buy one.

I must say, it was quite encouraging to see people who are trying out golf for the first time still buying older clubs. I know they may not be the best in the world but I am relieved that the buyers I had met with decided to use older clubs first before spending hundreds of dollars on a brand new set.

Just something I wanted to share with everyone today. I encourage you all to do the same if you are looking for some extra cash. Will keep you all updated on what I find and what I sell!


Do you plan on selling old clubs anytime soon? Have you ever had success flipping golf clubs? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

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