Schedule Change To Next Year’s PGA Championship

Schedule Change To Next Year’s PGA Championship

Since the 100th PGA Championship is this week, this seems like the best time to talk about the schedule change for this major. Last year, it was confirmed that starting in 2019, the PGA Championship will be moved to May meaning instead of being the final major played of the year it will now be the second major of the year. All other majors will remain in the same spot, while a few other tournaments got shifted around.

This means that it will be after the Masters Tournament and before the US Open. Another change made was The Players Championship being moved from May to March starting next year which I like because it gives players a chance to prepare for the Masters, not necessarily the same course but it will provide them with a major feel to it, although technically not a major.

In my opinion, I like this move of having the PGA Championship go from August to May, I understand it is still a major but it’s also the least “prestigious” one and I just don’t think waiting until August to play it is worth it. I like having it earlier in the year as this gets all the majors held in the US out of the way, and therefore players can finish up at the British Open in July.

There will also be more excitement in May compared to August when it dwindles in the golfing world, this will help the PGA Championship gain more interest. Looking at the schedule for next year, it seems like the PGA Tour is trying to condense the golfing year which will allow players to have an off-season like all other sports.

Another reason why this is likely happening is because of football starting in September, chances are people will be watching football instead of the FedEx Cup playoffs on Sundays so condensing the schedule from March until August makes sense.

Just some thoughts I had going into the final major of the year. I like the schedule change and I am glad that this major will no longer be the final one played each year.


What are your thoughts on next year’s schedule change to the PGA Championship? Does your interest dwindle in the later months of the year when it comes to watching golf? Let’s discuss in the comments section below!

2 thoughts on “Schedule Change To Next Year’s PGA Championship

  1. Sebastien,
    Love the schedule changes for the same reasons. There is one more and that’s the fact that they didn’t want the PGA to conflict with the Olympics in 2020 like it did in 2016. If you’ll recall, that left us with two majors being played two weeks apart which is silly. The whole concept of Olympic golf is silly, but that’s another subject that we’ve beaten to death. I agree that moving The PLAYERS to March is a good move as well. It used to be in that spot a couple decades ago and was well suited for the time frame.



    1. Brian,

      Good call on the Olympic golf, did not think of that. Still new to the whole idea of having golf in the Olympics so I guess that’s why I forgot about it. As you said, that’s another topic. Thanks for reading!


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