Major #15 Is The Best One Yet

Major #15 Is The Best One Yet

There is a reason why he is the greatest to ever do it.

This past weekend, myself and millions around the world watched the greatest comeback in the history of any sport. Tiger Woods was able to capture his firth green jacket, his first in fourteen years, and his first major in eleven.

After years and years of waiting for Tiger to give us another major, we finally got it, and it came at the same place where he got his first. This was truly a remarkable moment in sports, trust me, you will never see anything like this again. For Tiger to come back and win a major is incredible considering what he has been through the past eleven years. To do it at the age of 43, after all of the injuries, now that is something.

What made this win even better, is how he won, and what transpired during the final round. When I witnessed Molinari hit it into the water on the 12th hole, I knew this was his chance. Like Tiger has done so many times throughout his career, he never looked back. This leader board was no joke either, even DJ came out of nowhere and that itself is terrifying.

Witnessing this meant so much to me, I have been waiting for this moment since his last major win at the 2008 US Open, the first time I ever watched golf on TV. For 11 years, I never got to see Tiger win a major, there were some close calls, but he was never able to capture his 15th career major…..until now.

I am so happy for Tiger. I am so happy for his family and friends, and for those who have supported him throughout this journey.

One thing I learned after this past weekend, is to never give up, and it was awesome to see my idol display that throughout these past 11 years. So many people wrote him off, so many despised him for what he did, so many gave up on him. To be fair, he had every reason to give up and retire, but he didn’t.

Whats the best thing out of all of this? Golf is relevant again! Let’s be honest, people who don’t follow golf could care less about DJ Rory, Koepka, Bryson, and everyone else. This is very unfortunate, but true. However, you better believe that people will tune in to watch Tiger on a Sunday. The fact that he has now shown that he can win a major in his 40’s is fantastic for golf, and for him.

To end this off, I would just like to congratulate Tiger, for showing everyone that hard work pays off eventually, and to never give up.

Congrats on #15 Tiger!


What are your thoughts on Tiger Woods winning his fifth green jacket? Is golf about to skyrocket in popularity with him relevant in majors again? Let’s discuss in the comments section below!

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