Commit To The Journey

Commit To The Journey

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You know its weird, in golf you meet new people whether its on the course, clubhouse, pro-shop….wherever really, and yet on many occasions that’s the last time you will see them baring any coincidence. Maybe your on vacation and get paired up with someone who you like, you both enjoy a round together and that’s it, I guess that’s part of life though, and that sometimes people come and go and all you really think about are the experiences you have had with those people.

I have golfed around all of Ontario, and have even golfed around California, I have met a lot of great people along the way only to never hear from them again. The thing is, I only think about our time together on the course, I never think about whether I will ever see them again.

That’s one thing about life that I have realized lately, and that you just don’t know what will happen, there will always be uncertainty, like in golf….sometimes you will be uncertain about a club or specific shot….but you just have to commit to it. Because if you don’t, you will either shank it, top the ball, or just straight up hit a terrible shot, and in life its the same way….without the golf terms. Commit to the process, commit to the journey.

There is no need to rush a shot, take your time and follow through with it. This past year I have realized that this approach can be applied to my future, and that there is no need to rush, just enjoy the journey and follow through with it.

Then again, sometimes you learn from facing challenges and making mistakes. So, possibly next time you are uncertain of the club you have in your hand, you step away until you decide what club to use, same thing applies to your life and that maybe you step away from all your worries, and just take in the moment until you are ready commit and proceed. Now I know why they say to enjoy the moment, and its true, you should, and that is something I am still working on and will continue to work on.

Don’t worry about who will come and go in your life or when they may leave, instead enjoy the moments you will share with them, focus on how you can learn from them, and how they can learn from you. This can be anyone in your life such as your family members, friends, mentors, co-workers….even a therapist, it applies to all types of relationships.

I get that your personal relationships with people are much more different than a drunk golfer who you almost got thrown off the course with, but in both cases you still create memories that you can carry on with you, and it even becomes a part of you.

I started this series to connect golf and life, and to share what I have learned from both and how they relate to each other. What I am trying to say in this case is that sometimes you just have to believe in yourself and your inner abilities and that you can rely on those for your lifelong journey towards whatever you are trying to achieve.

The things you have learned from others can now be used in your own personal journey. Life has a funny way of working itself out, just like how a shot can work itself out sometimes in golf.

Anyways, time for some golf and some new memories!

Check back Wednesday for US Open predictions!

Hope you all enjoyed this, have you ever been in a similar situation where you thought about a former playing partner, coach, mentor, did you ever stay in touch with them? Would love to hear it in the comments.



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