A Simple Acknowledgment

A Simple Acknowledgment

I thought this would be a good first story to share as it happened last month when I went to Los Angeles for a little vacation.

I usually travel to Los Angeles every few years and I always end up at the Alhambra Golf Course in Alhambra, California. I have been going to this course ever since my first trip to LA which was ten years ago. The course is no championship course by any means, but its a course anyone can play and that’s why I like it, I played there as a kid and now I am still able to play there even though my skill level has improved yet the course still offers a challenge.

So, last month I returned to Alhambra to play a round there, and usually before every round I try to practice for about 30 minutes to warm up. Once I was finished I walked over to the pro-shop where I saw someone I knew who had been working there ever since I first played at the course. As soon as he saw me he had recognized me and said, “hey Sebastien, long time no see!” and it had been about…six years since I saw this guy. I’m sure this employee at the course sees a lot of people throughout the day, but for some reason he recognizes me every time, I don’t know if its because I am the only one from Toronto who comes and plays there but he has always been able to identify me right away.

I guess to some this is really nothing, someone recognizes you and that’s normal, however for me I like to look at it beyond that. To me, this shows that this employee really takes their job seriously, and most importantly loves their job, it’s the small things that people notice when they’re at the course and that quick greeting made me feel welcomed right away. The hospitality at the course is fantastic, and one of the reasons why I go there whenever I am in the area.

What I learned that day is no matter the situation or job you are in, if you see an opportunity to stand out you should take it, that employee (who’s name I will keep confidential), could have treated me like any other person who walked into the pro-shop wanting to play a round, but he knew I was not just another person, and I appreciate that. The other thing too is that if you know someone’s name, you should acknowledge that person by their name, in this situation it was nice to see that someone had recognized me after all these years. I could look at it a step further and say that this employee took the time ten years ago, to get to know me and ask for my name, not knowing if he would ever see me there again. For the employee’s sake, it was nice to see someone from Toronto come back after all these years.

Its those little things that can go along way, and a quick acknowledgment from an employee before my round who I had not seen in years really made me feel as though this course was like a second home….and technically I guess it is as I go there so much whenever I am in the LA area.

What about you? Has there been a time where you recognized someone after all these years whether its on the street, restaurant, golf course? Would love to hear from you as well any feedback you may have for me!


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