Too Hot Out, Should My Golf Cart Be Free?

Too Hot Out, Should My Golf Cart Be Free?

Weather wise, this past weekend was absolutely brutal….and that itself is an understatement as to how hot it was. As if falling asleep or getting into the car were tough enough, the idea of carrying clubs for a whole round sounded ridiculous to even think about.

But I did, or at least tried to.

I had planned to play two rounds this past weekend at different courses and cancelled both tee times the second I walked outside, I told myself there is no way I could survive in this weather. However, because I can never golf during the week I decided to give it try and see how long I could last outside. Well, not long….

I went to the course near my home and only played a hole before I decided enough was enough, and for the sake of my health was probably the right call.

Just thinking about it, I had spent more time driving to the course than actually playing golf.

It turns out that myself and a few others were the only ones there who were crazy enough to attempt to play, and this is around 6 in the evening. That’s how hot it was.

So I guess I will just wait until next weekend to try and get out again….depending on the weather of course.

I got to thinking….should courses waive cart fees if it gets to a certain temperature? I know that some courses do which is smart, should other courses take note?

This past weekend was a great example, walking in the heat was going to be a struggle, but being in a cart sounds a whole lot more appealing and I would have considered playing if a complimentary cart was a possibility.

The thing for me is I never use a cart, I much rather prefer to walk the course as I can usually finish in about 3-3.5 hours so really there is no point of getting a cart. However, this past weekend I am sure myself and others who usually walk considered getting one.

From a business standpoint, providing golfers with a free cart if the weather exceeds a certain temperature is not a bad idea when in reality it will attract more people to possibly come out and play. I know that some courses already have promotions that include carts but this is different…..this isn’t a promotion but more of a policy.

A policy that shows customers that they care about their health and safety more than they do about making another $15-20 in profit off a cart.

In no way am I bashing golf courses in general, but this would be a great step in making the game better on certain days as well as attract golfers who are in that “should I play today or not” mood. The thought of a free cart to use in humid conditions sounds much better than trying to walk the whole round, like I tried to do.

Then you also have to think of what “too hot” actually is in order to get a free cart, this will obviously depend on the area the course is in. Since I live just outside of Toronto I will use the temperature here as an example and say….30 degrees Celsius, about 86 in Fahrenheit for all you Americans.

That can always be determined. The main idea is just providing customers with a nice gesture when its too hot and humid out.

In no way am I trying to sound cheap, but for people who are contemplating golfing or not and then having to also factor in paying extra for a cart, they may just end up staying home. There is an incentive to going out to play on a hot day when a cart is included.

Just something I have been thinking about this past weekend.

Because let’s be honest, no course marshal wants to be driving down the fairway and see someone passed out, instead give them a cart on a hot day and they will be well on their way to a much more comfortable round….and end up making it back to the clubhouse alive!

What do you think, should carts be included when it’s “too hot” out? Let’s discuss in the comments below!


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