Consider Everything Before Buying A Membership

Consider Everything Before Buying A Membership

As we begin another season of golf here in Canada, I would like to talk about memberships and if you should buy one in general. I have written something similar when it comes to buying a membership however in this post I will focus why I did not buy one this year, again.

Lets talk about the course close to me back home, its a nice course and well maintained, but there is just a lack of benefits for members. Besides the ability to play whenever, they don’t really try to engage everyone through tournaments or even social events. 

Oh wait, I stand corrected…they actually have a two day club championship in late August every year, what a selling point that is.

Now, I know this doesn’t apply to every course, for the sake of golf I hope it doesn’t. For me, when I am considering buying a membership, I need to be able to see the value and benefits in it. I think it is a given that you would like to play as much as you can to make the membership worth getting, but there also needs to be some “perks”. Whether that is membership night, membership tournaments, outings, range privileges, there has to be something. Unfortunately for me, my home course does not have any of that.

Since I am much more busier these days compared to when I purchased my last membership, I will not be buying one again this year. Once I am finished with school and am able to actually play more, I don’t even think I would purchase another one unless the “perks” are present at a particular course. I have learned that I really enjoy playing different courses, and that I don’t like being restricted to one course I must play all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that memberships at some courses can be worth getting, but you really need to look at the whole picture and not just how much you will be playing. What I don’t want happening to you is you purchase a membership only to play at other courses also, next thing you know it is like your paying for two different memberships.

Anyways, hope you enjoy the rest of your week. I myself am planning on playing my first round of the year this upcoming weekend!


Did you purchase a membership this year? What factors do you take into consideration prior to purchasing one? Let’s discuss in the comments section below!

One thought on “Consider Everything Before Buying A Membership

  1. Sebastien,

    I did purchase a membership this year and just wrote an article on why. We are in different chapters in our lives so buying a membership just makes sense in my case because I have ample opportunity to play. You decision not to purchase a membership fits your life at this time and hopefully you will be able to play more in the future.

    Cheers Jim

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