Congratulations Tiger

Congratulations Tiger

Finally. Finally. Finally.

Turns out, missing football was certainly worth it.

Ladies and gentlemen, Tiger is officially back!

The man in red was able to capture the TOUR Championship yesterday which gave him his first win of the year and the first in over five. I, along with the entire golfing world tuned in yesterday to watch him close out the final round. From start to finish, Tiger was able to secure the lead for the entire final round and never looked back….vintage Tiger.

I am so happy for the guy, he has been through so much these past few years, the fact that he was able to play this year was a miracle. Last year, his mugshot was a meme all over social media, safe to say that things have taken a 180 and now he gets his moment.

I have watched this man on TV for ten years now, and I have to say this victory is certainly my favourite. Of course, I have yet to see him win a major, but I like his chances next year, so I am confident that will change.

No matter what happens in life, never quit…and what Tiger accomplished this past weekend is a great example of never giving up. Surgery after surgery, rehab, swing changes, DUI, Tiger had every reason to put away the clubs for good, but he didn’t. Everyone said that the competition is much better now than it was in his prime, maybe….but that didn’t stop him.

What Tiger did this year is incredible, and I am glad his hard work paid off at the TOUR Championship. I can’t wait for next year, and I have a feeling that he can’t either.

What are your thoughts on Tiger winning the TOUR Championship? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

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