Changing The FedEx Cup Format

Changing The FedEx Cup Format

September is a month that has everyone all over the place. From back to school, football back on TV, golf ending, and the Ryder Cup fast approaching…were all over the place.

Even for me, I am trying to get back into routine for the school year, but golf is still on my mind. The main question that has been on my mind, why is there a one week break in the FedEx Cup playoffs?

Let’s be honest, there’s 30 golfers left…do they really need a week long break?

Not only that, with the NFL back on our screens I doubt people even care who wins next week at East Lake.

My suggestion, go from 4 playoff events to 3 and get rid of the week long break…there is no need for it. I would also suggest having the playoff finale a week sooner that way it doesn’t interfere with NFL at all.

Now, of course if Tiger is in contention a lot of people will tune in, but even Tiger himself probably wants to see his Raiders play on Sunday.

This could allow players to have two weeks off before the Ryder Cup, and I’m sure if you asked half of the remaining field they would appreciate that much more as this gives them time to transition to the new time zone.

Just a thought I had this week, but I would love to hear what you guys think.

Do you think a week long break in the middle of the FedEx Cup playoffs is a good idea? Would you change anything about the schedule? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

4 thoughts on “Changing The FedEx Cup Format

  1. Sebastien, the only playoff tournament that matters is the last one and even that has been tainted by the tournament winner not being the FedEx winner. I’d eliminate them all and just call it a season after the last major, and of course the Ryder Cup or President’s Cup. Doesn’t make for good viewing in these intermediate events when the announcers are talking more about playoff positioning than winning the golf tournament.



    1. Brian, I totally agree with you. When it comes to the last tournament, it feels as though as if I am paying attention to two at the same time. I like having the FedEx Cup in the rotation, it gives viewers something to look forward to after the final major, but I just wish that it would formatted much better. Thanks for reading!


  2. Sebastien

    I say make it a 3 week in a row, play well and move on. Get rid of the points once the playoff starts. It would be akin the NCAA Men’s Final Four Basketball tournament. That would be a test of their skills! Since I am not a football fan, the interference with the start of the NFL is not a consideration for me.

    Cheers Jim

    1. Jim, I like where you are going with this idea. Feels like points should be thrown out the window come playoff time, like how rankings don’t matter in the Final Four. Thanks for reading and glad to see that you are back on the course!


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