Brookside Golf Club – Course Review

Brookside Golf Club – Course Review

I have been meaning to get this review out, but I wanted to get my Lessons From The Links series out first. Anyways, I am finally ready to get started on this. With this being my first course review, I am still not sure how I should format these in the future. For this review of the Brookside Golf Club I will be sectioning it off by tee box, fairways, greens, and facilities/clubhouse. If you have any suggestions about formatting or how I should review them in the future I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Anyways, let get started on this inaugural course review!

Last month I was able to visit Los Angeles which I do every few years, and one of my cousins decided to take me to a new course in the area being the Brookside Golf Club which is located in Pasadena, about a 20-minute drive from downtown LA. A cool thing about this course is that it is located right beside the historic Rose Bowl. This club consists of two courses, one called the C.W. Koiner Golf Course, and the other being the E.O. Nay Golf Course which is the one we played. The course is listed at 6,025 yards and is a par 70 that is suitable for golfers of all levels.

Welcome sign at the first tee


View from the tee box at the driveable par 4 14th

Tee box

The E.O Nay course is a straightforward design, there are no real water hazards however there is tree lining on some holes. There are a few holes that are driveable such as the par 4 14th shown above, and even if you do shank it there is still an opening on both sides of the hole. Most holes I would use driver since there was no real hazard or spot you need to play your second shot from, so for me I was able to play more aggressive which is never a bad thing…..unless my driver is having a bad day. With that being said, if you are the type of player to hit iron or wood off the tee by all means this course will still setup nicely for you. Come to think of it, on many holes all I needed was a driver, wedge and putter which basically tells you how short some holes are.


As mentioned above, the design of the holes are relatively straight, the only thing you need to worry about are the tree lining on both sides. The fairways itself are wide and flat, no real hills or bumps will be found on this course. There are some fairway bunkers that you need to be aware of, so picking your spot on some holes is crucial, however since some par 4’s are in the mid 300’s yard range its definitely tempting to be aggressive. I do have to say, there were a few dry patches in the fairway, now I don’t like to criticize a course for that however that’s what I observed, but I wont hold that against them.

Green on the par 4 9th


The greens were very quick and for me it was difficult to get a feel for them until midway through the front 9. The green designs are relatively flat as well except for a few holes, and the majority are small-medium sized. What I did like is how the pins were tucked behind the bunkers on many of the holes which made it difficult to attack it from above. Some holes I had to shape my shot in order to position myself nicely on the green. Once on the green, putts rolled nicely and thank god, I was finally able to play a round on this trip without the greens being aerated.

Facilities and clubhouse

The Brookside Golf Club provides all golfers with a driving range and two separate putting greens, with the greens being really fast I highly recommend spending some time getting a few practice putts in.

Regarding the clubhouse, there is a pro-shop that is fully stocked with equipment and apparel. I was actually surprised at the selection, its always nice to see pro-shops stocked up and not just trying to sell you a few tees and bottles of water before you head out.


There are a few things I would consider. The first is being able to check in, myself and many others thought you would check in at the pro-shop however it turns out there is a separate area where you need to go that is in front of the driving range. Maybe just better guidance once people arrive at the course on where to check in would be helpful.


Green on the par 4 2nd

The other thing is the green above was not in putting condition. I had a birdie putt coming up and once I got onto the green I noticed what looked to be tire tracks on the putting surface. Now, this could be a coincidence and I just picked the wrong day to come, as I doubt these tracks would be there the following week, however this is based on what I saw. Besides this green which was on hole #2, the rest were in excellent condition.

Depending on the time of day you go, you are looking at about $30 to play a round and another $15 if you decide to use a cart. From my experience playing at this course, I would pay that again in a heartbeat. If you would like to save money and wait until later in the day, I recommend Playing during twilight hours. This course is a lot of fun to play while remaining challenging for golfers of all ages and levels.

I hope you enjoyed my inaugural course review of the Brookside Golf Club located in Pasadena, California and there are plenty more to come. If you have any suggestions on how I should format these course reviews in the future please share in the comment section below!

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