Back To Work!

Back To Work!

Today I was able to head over to my home course where my intention was to take a few swings on the course. Usually what I like to do is go later on in the day where its not busy, instead of playing a full round I like to take about 10 balls with me and practice from a certain distance on a hole.

Unfortunately, the course was absolutely soaked, it didn’t surprise me at all considering it has been raining the past week. Instead, I took to the putting green and chipping area, I figured the most important thing for me at the start of each year is to shake off the “rust”. My biggest problem every year is my first few swings always feel off, I am glad I was able to utilize the chipping area and swing to a certain extent to get that feel back.

As for the putting, I wanted to get that smooth stroke back just in time for the season. The problem is because of the soaked greens, they were really slow, which is the exact opposite of what they always are. I didn’t think much of the speed or if I made the putt, and instead focused on the stroke and contact of the ball.

Overall, I was just happy to brush the dust off the golf bag. I have about two months to myself before school starts up again, I plan on taking advantage of the free time I have. I’m also glad that I actually went to the course today, and didn’t put it off until next week or next month.

I hope everyone else is able to brush off the dust sooner rather than later!


Do you plan on heading out to the course this week? If so, do you intend to practice or play an entire round? Let’s discuss in the comments section below!

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