A Summer Without Golf

A Summer Without Golf

This summer has been weird, difficult, strange, and that’s all due to golf. For those of you that are new to the blog, I am a student that is working full-time in my field, sure I get paid and all but I have only been able to play golf once every few weeks, if that.

Our golfing season here in Canada is only about 6-7 months before the cold/winter weather starts to kick in. Thankfully, there are a couple golf courses here in Ontario that offer golf all year round….yes even in the snow.

Weird to say, but being unable to golf consistently this summer has made me look forward to potentially trying out golfing in the winter.

This summer here in Toronto, Ontario has been very humid, and I tend to avoid golfing when it’s too hot out. I briefly talked about it in a recent post where one day it was so hot out that I only managed to finish one hole before calling it quits. It was so hot out that the pro-shop was issuing rain checks….and not a drop falling from the sky that day.

Once September arrives I will be back for another year of college, and I doubt I will be able find the consistent time to play.

Not being able to golf this summer was the reason why I started this blog as I thought the next best thing would be to write about the sport and have it in my life. Sure, not everything will go your way, but the lesson this summer was learning how to stay positive, and proof that good things do come out of certain situations where at first you may not have expected it to.

The positive outcome being this blog and discovering a new hobby. Because of this I have been able to improve my writing skills with every single post, funny how things work out sometimes.

I do have a have few weeks off before I head back to school, you will be able to find me on the course for those two weeks.

Enjoy the month of August!

Have you ever played golf in the winter? If so how was your experience? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

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