Figuring Out What’s Important

Figuring Out What’s Important

Well….the past couple of months have not been ideal.

To anyone who has been routinely checking up on the site while I have been away, I apologize for not putting out any content. The fact is, I have felt as though I’d rather write something and share it when I wanted to, and not just force out potentially bad content just for the sake of producing it.

I could sit here and say that I have been “busy” with school, but the truth is we all have something going on in our lives…we just need to make time for whats important to us no matter what. I wouldn’t say this site has not been important to me recently, I still love to write, and taking a few months off has helped.

I have realized that putting all my effort into a post means a lot more to me than forcing them out daily when it may not be my best.

The fact that there is snow on the ground hasn’t helped either, it is hard to think about golf when the weather is like it is. However, I cannot make excuses.

With all of this being said, I thought that I would give the people who still check up on this site an update. No, I did not quit, I just took a break and realized how important putting out meaningful content is to me.

Yes, I still enjoy writing.

Yes, I still plan on providing content to my site.

Yes, I still love golf.


Have you ever felt this way about your site/blog? Would love to hear about your experience. Lets discuss in the comment section below!

2 thoughts on “Figuring Out What’s Important

  1. Sebastien, I concur completely with the quality over quantity method. I only write when inspired and hopefully it’s reflected in my content. I suppose it depends on what your objective is. If you are trying to drive traffic to your site, you’ll need more regular posts but if that doesn’t matter, wait until you get the bug. I’ve sort of settled on 2-3 articles per month, which is not as much as I used to post but feels just about right.



    1. Thank you for reading Brian. Sometimes it can be a bit of both, but I have been realizing that the bug is what keeps you going in the end. The plan is to always write more, just gotta get back into the routine.


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